Changing to $1 Tickets

Our manufacturers have indicated they’ll be phasing out the 50 cent Nevada Tickets. Our access to these tickets will likely become more difficult as the months progress.

At this time we suggest you change over to the new $1 game. It’s frankly a much better game than the current 50 cent tickets. More commission for you, higher win % for the players.

The boxes tend to naturally turn over faster as players win more for every dollar spent.

$1.00 Tickets – Financial Break Down

1 deal is 2700 tickets

You sell 2700 tickets at $1.00. You gross $2,700.00
For each deal you pay out $1,890.00 in prizes
Gross Profit: $2,700.00 – $1,890 = $810.00
Your Commission per deal is $205.00 (including HST)
For each deal, we collect $810.00 – $205.00 = $605.00

At this time there are two styles to choose from…